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Fit for STEM with OMB

Students entering university in Science Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) have a highly inhomogeneous math-competence. Our online math-bridge course (OMB) with its diagnostic tests offers them the possibility to complete the missing pieces and refresh the material necessary for a successful study. This self-study course is complemented by a virtual tutorial where students can get instant help by skype, e-mail and telephone. Learners work individually or in groups in a dedicated social network.

The online math-bridge course gives teachers a clear picture about the standard syllabus of mathematical foundations on which they can build up their university courses, setting a European benchmark for students and teachers at the interface between high-schools and university.

The online math-bridge course is based on the very successful Swedish Course, it is taken every year by approx. 15 000 students in Sweden, Germany and the UK.

Integrating your course in a multimedia concept

You want to reduce the drop out quota, get your students more involved, give them interesting homework problems, develop their creativity, their curiosity, their competence for problem solving and not just teach for the test.

You do not want to loose valuable time by explaining stuff your students are able to learn on their own much better and faster like e.g. matrix multiplication.

You want to give your students a learning and training environment with high quality content, lots of problems and immediate feedback.

You would like to respond to the expectations of your students to learn individually or cooperatively with modern media, at a time and location of their choice.

We would like to help you achieving this goal, offering you a full service for integrating and running your course in a multimedia concept tailored to your needs, liberating you from administrative duties for running your course, from grading large numbers of home work problems, from evaluating student scores. And on top you will not have to worry about hard- and software problems because all that will be done for you.

Getting high quality multimedia-content

Each piece of content in MUMIE, such as a definition or an example, has a Latex source. In most cases it makes reference to multimedia components such as an interactive visualizations (java applets), an image or an audio component. Most visualizations let the learner explore many different aspects of a mathematical subject. By choosing parameters in the Latex source appropriately, the lecturer can choose the kind of visualization he thinks is best for putting the learner on the optimal track.

Most elements of MUMIE-content a lecturer wants to have for his math-course will be slight variations of already existing material. Such variations can be done easely. If you want to create new elements of MUMIE-content however, the work flow and the effort depends very much on the complexity of the new element.

The MUMIE authering tool Miau makes writing of new pieces of content like a new definition or a new multiple choice problem – even if it contains a complex logic, mathematical formulas, random numbers etc - a simple task. If it comes to the writing of sophisticated visualisations or problems with personal variants for each student and correctors with intelligent feedback, the task can be considerably more demanding.

A lecturer should only have to worry about his teaching. So, if you plan to incorporate your course into a multimedia setting, the MUMIE team will give full assistance.

Our Services

    • Provision of standard courses
    • Integration into your infrastructure
    • Hosting of MUMIE-courses
    • HelpDesk for students
    • Support for lecturers
    • Implementation of pedagogical models e.g. blended learning (consultation, training)
    • Integration of social networking
    • Adaptation to your concept of teaching
    • Adaptation of existing course material
    • Development of new course material
    • Integration of non-MUMIE content
    • Adaptation to your corporate identity
    • Implementation of requested features
    • Interfacing of MUMIE with other systems
    • Training of teachers and authors
    • Consulting for building-up and running e-learning activities

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