Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a lecturer. How can I use MUMIE for my teaching?

The easiest way is to adopt one of the existing courses and to use integral-learning's service to host and maintain the course. This way you're not bothered with technical issues.

Can I adapt an existing course to my needs?

Yes. MUMIE content consists of fine-grained, re-usable components. The components are theorems, definitions, examples, visualizations etc. Each component can occur in different courses, and the components of an existing course can easily be re-arranged to a new variant of the course.

Can I create new content components?

Yes. We provide a software tool free of charge for that purpose. With this tool, it's very easy to edit normal documents like definitions, remarks, etc. To develop more complex interactive documents like visualization applets or homework problems, with intelligent feedback and automatic corrections, some programming skills are recommended. But you can also use our content-development service: We implement your content according to your wishes.

I have an existing (classroom) course. How can I make a MUMIE course from it?

We offer as a service that we create a MUMIE course from an existing (classroom) course; on the basis of written material (scripts, books) and your input.